EP 3 | Learning To Be More Mindful Everyday With Coach-E

Coach takes us back to the basics…to when we learned, as little tykes, about the colors of a traffic light and what they mean. Red for stop. Green for go. Yellow for pause. She argues that if we’ll take more time to pause — to consider, to think, to plan — we’ll have better outcomes than if we just barrel ahead pell-mell and leave the rest to chance.

She’s got a point. As you’ll hear, I share about a traffic violation I recently had while in New York. Pausing could have saved me from both the fine and the embarrassment…

Listen in on my chat with Coach E. She gives us a valuable tool to add to our “life toolbox” — learning to recognize the “yellow” lights in our lives and take the appropriate pauses.

In today’s episode you’ll learn:
– About my coach
– What coach means by “situations with solutions”
– Why most of what you need to know about approaching life can be summed by a simple traffic light
– Why you can benefit from a life toolbox

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