EP 22 | Mourning Mother


It happened. My mom passed away. She died from non-smoker’s emphysema, probably from a lifetime of asthma. Mother was dedicated to the performing arts and to fitness. Her twice weekly exercise class to senior citizens was shut down in March, 2020.
She was a dance studio owner who could stretch a dollar like a boss. She held jobs as a nurse’s aide at an extended care facility, at the butcher section of the supermarket…oh, and she was a single parent. She led by example.
Gratitude is what gets me through times like this. When life get really rough, don’t overlook the “small” stuff. Make statements like “I can breathe,” “I can touch my toes,” “I know where my next meal is coming from.” Gratitude helps you stay in the present moment and appreciate the good.

Gratitude enhances optimism. Optimism helps cut down on the whining and complaining. Believing in the power of gratitude is win-win. 


Dedicated to my mother, Adele Johnson

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