EP 11 | Performing in The Zone with Julie Swift

I’ve judged competitions, so I’ve seen it enough times to know (when) it’s real, even though I’ve never experienced it myself. I’m talking about blissing-out and performing in “the zone.” Julie, owner of Manhattan Dance Academy and director of Dancing Divas & Dudes, shares tips on how to get there.

 A bit more about Julie… She has ADHD. Always has. She is the daughter of a dance studio owner, so she has danced…a lot. Yet it took her longer to memorize dances than it did for most others, probably because she was so easily distracted. So she taught herself how to tackle a dance from various perspective until she knew it frontwards and backwards.

 Julie knows how to prepare so she can bliss-out onstage. Here are her tips to get there. (I’ll be working on these myself!)

  • Start with a shorter dance. Leave the audience wanting more.
  • Practice your choreography.
  • Know the dance frontwards and backwards. Confidence comes with skill and practice.
  • Have a safe place to practice, preferably with someone who will tell you the truth.
  • Fall in love with your body. 
  • Have backup steps for those times when you plan to bliss-out.

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