EP 15 | Planning Now for Future Success, with Kinley

You’ve been hearing about virtual dance classes, right? Have you wondered what they’re like, if they’re any good, if you can actually learn to dance virtually? Kinley, age nine, jumped right into the virtual-dance-class world, and she’s a believer. She has a number of positive things to say about the bargain-priced classes she’s been taking. She’s been dancing since the age of two and believes that, had she been virtually taught all that time, she might be farther along in her training than she is now. Wow!

On the other hand, she can’t wait to get back into the dance studio, to see and hug her friends and hear her teacher’s voice. Sigh… Those were the good ol’ days, huh? We’ll know how to really appreciate them when they return.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How much Kinley is paying for four classes a day.
  • How long Kinley has been dancing
  • About the types of classes she takes virtually and how they’ve stretched her
  • What Kinley aspires to do with her life

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