EP 12 | Tremaine’s Audio Engineer, John Johnson

Meet John, my sound guy. He’s also the sound guy for Tremaine, which is how we met. Before he walked into a recording studio as a musician at age 18, John didn’t realize that audio engineering was a career. His first encounter with a sound engineer left him, let’s just say, unimpressed with the level of professionalism he saw. “I could do just as well and do it with class.”

And that he does.  

Do you make beats or compose tunes? If John likes them, he’ll showcase them on my show. Listen in to hear how to send them in.

In today’s episode you’ll learn…

  • What is audio engineering
  • That you could learn most audio engineering skills by watching YouTube videos
  • Why you might want to go to school for it anyway
  • About the opportunity to showcase your beats and tunes right here on the show
  • Why it helps to know the theory and history behind what you do.

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