Making Everyday Feel Special – Self-love in Relationships

image (3333333)Raise your hand if you are in a relationship in which your special one makes you feel special everyday. Does your special one treat you like everyday they spend with you is special?

Relationships have their ups and downs and are not always hunky dory. If your relationship lives on the downside of misery - well, that is no way to treat yourself. The real question is, "How do you treat yourself inside your relationship?" I know what it's like to exist inside of a miserable relationship. It's not cool. Part of the solution starts with appreciating your strengths and continually reminding yourself that you deserve all the best life has to offer. Compromising sucks. Relationship happiness begins with self-awareness and self-love. Invest in yourself because self-love enhances you and it strengthens your relationship. Treat yourself well. You're worth it!

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