Strange Love, Strange Habits

Doesn't everyone watch tv while wearing tap shoes?

I made the very difficult decision in October 2006 to stop watching television. I did this because at that time I really believed that Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen were in love on their reality show, STRANGE LOVE. I knew more about their lives and the lives of other celebrities than I knew about my own life.

I was coordinating my daily activities around the schedules of my favorite shows and would spend even more time talking about various episodes with anyone who would engage with me.

I loved watching television and I didn’t want to stop. but watching it for hours was stopping me from reaching my goals. It was fun and entertaining. And It was a time suck.

Initially, I was bored and wondered what to do with the extra time. Eventually I engaged in other, more productive activities that offered me opportunities to grow as an individual.

Motivation comes in all forms. Change what needs changing.

A habit is any action or behavior we have performed so frequently that it becomes almost involuntary. If we consider some habits to be undesirable then we call them “bad”.

When you acknowledge that a habit isn’t good for you, you can then make a conscious choice to change and make improvements.

Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.” ~ Confucius

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