Keeping a Relationship H3: Happy, Healthy and Honest

Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Does this apply to couples too?

Happy couples are rich in discovery, excitement, passion, curiosity, gazing, and touching. (Well, maybe not every couple is rich in all of these things. But you get the picture.)

Unhappy couples—let’s be real—do appear unhappy in their own way.

If you’re in a relationship and life is mostly on the up and up, that’s good. If your relationship lives on the downside of misery – well, I know how it is to exist inside of a miserable relationship. It’s no way to treat yourself.

You lead the way to love and happiness in your life. And to lead the way, you have to be honest with yourself at all times.

That’s why, when you’re in a relationship, it’s a good idea to periodically ask yourself questions like these:

  1. Do I like the person?
  2. Do we respect each other’s values?
  3. Is this person well-adjusted, patient, rational, and kind-hearted?
  4. When I’m with this person, do I feel empowered—or do I feel depleted, exhausted, and/or beat down?
  5. Did getting lovey-dovey, hot and heavy too quickly cause me to ignore red flags I might otherwise have noticed?
  6. Am I in denial about anything that has to do with this relationship?
  7. Is this relationship good for me, and am I growing in ways I want to grow?
  8. Am I developing habits that make my most beautiful goals and dreams, the ones I hold true to my heart, less or more likely to be realized?

BONUS QUESTION: Would I want someone I truly loved and cared for to live inside a relationship like mine?

Maintaining a healthy, happy relationship starts with thoughts, words, and deeds.

Love needs your attention. And sometimes that means looking in the mirror, facing yourself and providing honest answers to some potentially tough and uncomfortable questions.” ~ LaurieTALKS

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