A Tribute To
Gregory Hines
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Dancers Are Special

This was the tag line at my family-owned and -operated dance studio. I heard these words at the studio and at home. One of my older sisters is over-the-top dramatic. Like captivating, make-a-splash, you-know-she’s-in-the-room, can’t-reel-her-in, dramatic. Whenever she communicated our tag line, you believed her. When I was a student in her class, she’d have us exit the room then require us to immediately walk back in. The second time, however, we were to make eye contact with her, our teacher; nonverbally obtain permission to enter; walk around, not through, dancers; and do so with our chin up and shoulders down . . . sometimes while balancing a book on our head.

My sister also held discussions on the nobility of dance, which served to place every student on notice that we had a responsibility to present ourselves to the world.

The hard work, sweat, and sense of accomplishment we experience on the dance floor, taken as a whole, is what gives us confidence when we’re out in the real world. It’s what makes us dancers know that we’re special. Welcome to LaurieTALKS. 

Tribute to Gregory Hines

Host Your Dream

You become what you think about, and the fact that you conjured up your dream makes it yours. You own it, and you’re capable and worthy of accomplishing it. Enthusiastically declare that you’re going to turn your dreams into plans. Go there in the mind because your mind is powerful.

Negative, doubtful thoughts and rough days or years may ensue. You’ll stand up and manage to cheer yourself on.

Success isn’t some endpoint or destination. Your goals and your everyday efforts ventures and adventures are the success gifts you give yourself. Success is daily, and it’s available to you through your own unique pursuit.

Make yourself available to your possibilities. Because your possibilities are your fuel. And, if you’re an artist, success may have less to do with having more, and more to do with being more. Spending decades going for your brand of greatness is what’s so great. The very idea of going for what you want will make you feel just a bit more accomplished and a bit more prepared for whatever could possibly pop up next in life.

There’s absolutely no good reason for you or anyone else to suggest that you’re incapable of going for what you want in your life. Forget what other people want for you, or what someone else’s journey looks like. Forget feeling foolish or guilty about wanting what you want. Put in your time, pay your dues, and go for great. Resist turning back before you’ve given a fair shot at realizing anything close to your ultimate dream.