EP 25 | 6 Ideas For Developing A Big Dreamer Growth Mindset

Artistry is on the upswing. As you continue to define success for yourself, I’m sharing 6 ideas relating to the importance of:

Pushing past yourself
Coping as a way of life
Selecting either a creator or consumer mindset while scanning social media
Not believing your own hype
Not fretting the details … and 
Making room in your everyday life for your dream.


EP 24 | My First 2 Months on Clubhouse

Whatever it is you’re seeking, is seeking you – especially if you’re on Clubhouse. Welcome and thanks for listening. I’m coming up on my 2-month CH anniversary. CH is like an iPhone party line with no photos or videos. There are voices from around the globe.
Some people blush their first time on stage. As an audience member you may blush from feeling like you’re listening in on someone else’s phone conversation, except – legally.